Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Mask of the Jaguar Cover

it has been a tough week for me. Last week I injured my back at my job which slowed down all my projects and updates of the blog. Sorry about that.

I first have to thank you all those that commented on Priscilla's newest story, Sorority Sissy. It is a great read from the master.

Before I got hurt I had just finished all my illustrations for Kylie Gable's Mask of the Jaguar. It will be the refined edition of the book with visuals. New readers, the story is this, two female vigilantes: The Jaguar (in black) and her partner Katsumi (white catsuit) kidnap abusive, corrupt, and bigoted men and they punish them by forcefully feminizing them.

The book should be out Dec 8th, but I'll keep everyone posted if anything changes.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Priscilla Gay Bouffant's "Sorority Sissy" now published!

Master Feminization Author Priscilla Gay Bouffant returns to the blog with a forced feminization story! "Sorority Sissy"!

Psst....The Cassandra Sisterhood (Subjegated Step Sissy) make their return in this new erotic femnization story!


Sorority Sissy

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Link to Kylie Gable's Doubling Down a free ebook

A while ago, Kylie Gable made available for free one of her stories, Doubling Down. Sorry to the fans for not making this aware to them.

 I read Kylie Gable's Doubling Down story and I was impressed and loved how the girls capture the boys. I said once and I will say it again, Kylie is a master at entraping males in her stories. Just read any story from her and you will see why. Which is why I was excited to see her share one of her finest examples of her skill as a gift to potential new readers.

This story features one of the best and smartest entrapment moments in any forced feminization story. Kylie is a master at writing blackmailing plots against her male characters.

This story is no different! The Hawthorne sisters decide to payback the Martin twin boys next door one day while both teenager's parents are away. They feminize the boys through panties, makeovers and dates with other boys!

This story feature forced crossdressing, and some forced bisexuality.

Link to free copy
Doubling Down
Great read!

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Author Priscilla Bouffant is recovering

Hello fans,

I got a message from the amazing master author of feminization literature today, Priscilla Gay Bouffant.

She is doing better, but recovering from an illness.

I'm putting up this post simply in hope that fans of her stories like The Subjegated Step Sissy and Makeover at the Mansion would write to her to leave their well wishes.

Thank you in advance for being thoughtful and respectful.

Monday, November 6, 2017

Rikki's crossdressing story, Kylie Gable's "Mask of the Jaguar" and Valerie Whip's new Perils of Paul book!

If you have been wondering where I have been, well I'm working on new drawings for three really great authors, Rikki (first illustration), Kylie Gable (middle illustration), and Valerie Whip (bottom illustration.

Rikki and I are working on a new story for the transmagazine, it was supposed to be out this month, but time issues will delay it. It is about a man with a secret crossdressing hobby. A very naughty dirty story from Rikki.

Kylie Gable and me and working on the revised version of her Jaguar story, "Mask of the Jaguar." It should be out early next month. It is about the female vigilante The Jaguar and her partner Kitsumi punishing a high powered executive for stealing his secretary's ideas. A lot feminization fun.

A finally, I'm excited to announce Valerie Whip has released a new Perils of Paul book "Double Knots." It is out now on Amazon, but we are already working on a new Paul book, "The Catering Job." In this erotic follow up to "Double Knots" Paul takes up a job as a waiter for an upscale private dinner party for some wealthy individuals...but it turns out they are into some kinky entertainment and Paul gets to be part of it....if really needs the money!

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Beware The Jaguar's brand of justice!

Abusive husbands, sexist males, bigots and homophobic males in power beware! The Jaguar and her partner Katsumi have their own brand of justice!

Below is an illustration I did for Kylie Gable's The Jaguar: City of Fire and Rage. In the story The Jaguar and Katsumi feminize two powerful men who have targeted the LGBT community. Their punishment is a makeover being glued together with their hands on each other's butts as well as orally connected to each other's...privates!

A great erotic forced feminization e-book to read!


The Jaguar: City of Fire and Rage

Monday, October 30, 2017

Perils of Paul: Double Knots is out now

Perils of Paul: Double Knots is out now on Amazon! This is the fourth book in the series by Valerie Whip. This time Paul encounters the flirty and kinky sexual minx April. She has plans for him involving rope and a little makeup...oh no if only she didn't find out about his panties fascination!    

Will Paul be able to escape from being blackmailed by kinky April?

Find out by picking up a copy of Perils of Paul: Double Knots.

Link Below:

Perils of Paul: Double Knots