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Perils of Paul: Helping or Helpless & The Pool Party

Hello Dear Readers, 

Recently Valerie Whip finished up a new installment to her Perils of Paul series! Perils of Paul: Helping or Helpless & The Pool Party

This time Paul is featured in two sexy stories cooked up from the dirty mind of Valerie! 

Book 6 is a double feature with Paul (Helping or Helpless) getting tricked into being a subdued plaything object by a couple of young women, which he later finds out he will be part of a bigger kinky plan by the ladies. In The Pool Party, Paul is unexpectedly lured into a pool party which turns into a secret competition by the girls on who can give the better makeover to the boys!

This book contains over 9,000 words of feminization, bondage, female domination, humiliation, bisexuality (female on female) and sexual situations! It is intended for mature audiences.

Sample from Perils of Paul: Book 6

"I have another project that I'm working on but I don't know if you'll be able to help me," she said. 

"Hey, I did this okay.  What's the problem?"

"Well I have to alter a gown for my friend by tomorrow, and I can't get the hem straight.” Judy then moved next to me and ran her finger up and down my forearm. 

"I'm not much of a seamstress, but I did work in an upholstery shop making drapes and slip covers for a while.  Let me see the dress." 

We walked into the dining area where she had the sewing machine set up and the dress askew on the table.  It was a beautiful pink satin, full length gown.  It was form fitting through the torso and flared out in ruffles almost to the floor. 

"I can't see how it hangs in order to get the hem even all the way around", she whined. 

I asked if she had a dress form or mannequin to put the dress on, so as to view the dress hanging rather than flat on the table. 

She said, "No, but maybe you could hold it up and I could measure it." 

I held it up against my body while she scurried around the bottom trying to measure. 

"It's not working. It's too full to measure like this."  She finally said with hesitation, "Do you think you could put it on while I quickly mark it?  No one will see and it will only take a minute," she added quickly. "I'll be so grateful, you don't know how much I need to finish this," she pleaded. Judy was now coyly blinking her eyelashes at me. She then let her right hand caress her breast and her left hand moved to the front of her skirt as if she wanted to scratch something that was itching her.

I agreed, and stepped into the gown and tried to pull it up.  It wouldn't go over my jeans. 
"Go in there", she said, pointing to the bedroom, "and slip off your pants so you can pull it up."  She called after me, "Be careful there are a million pins in it."

I went into the bed room and pulled off my jeans and stepped into the dress.  I gently hiked it up over my hips and tried to put my arms through the spaghetti straps, but my sweat shirt would not allow it.  I yanked the sweat shirt off and finished putting the dress on.  Surprisingly the dress fit me.  I'm not a large man, but I thought this woman who was going to wear it must be an Amazon.  I reached around to pull the zipper up but couldn't reach it.  I walked back out to the dining area and asked Judy to do the honors.

Judy slowly pulled the zipper up, and as she reached mid-way asked me to take in a deep breath and pull in my stomach.  The zipper closed all the way and she clasped the hooked at the top.  Judy went around straightening the material.  "Here stand up on this chair so I can see how it looks", as she arranged a chair facing the far wall.  "It's supposed to stick out more.  Oh, I forgot the crinoline.  Here slip this up under the dress", as she handed me a short petticoat made of the stiff fabric.  It scratched my legs as I drew it up to my waist because all I had on was my under pants.  Judy politely looked away as I hiked the light pink under garment into place. 

I said, "It barely comes past my ass."  She said she knew that, explaining that it was only intended to hold the dress away at the hips and then the dress was supposed to fall straight down from there.  "You're doing fine, I just have to get some pins from the bedroom," she quipped as she went to the bedroom.  In a moment she returned with a box of pins.

She had just started putting pins in the hem when I heard a voice behind me.  "Don't you look cute, big boy?" the female voice cooed.  I swung around to see Peggy from the office staring at me. 
"Oh great, this is just great!” I exclaimed.

The conversation was fast and furious.  It seemed that Peggy had just decided to pop in and Judy was saying that she should have called first.  Judy explained what I had done and how I had gotten into the current situation.  Peggy said she thought that it was really nice of me to help out.  Judy added that none of her friends were the same size as her out of state friend, and she thought she'd never find someone in time to hem the dress.  Peggy repeated how nice it was of me to cooperate and added as a tease, "Besides you do look quite attractive in that color".  

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Kylie Gable's female vigilante "The Jaguar" is back!

The Jaguar (black dress) holding a pink claw shaped butt plug with Kitsumi holding a Princess dress for their male victim. 
Kylie Gable's beloved female vigilante duo The Jaguar and her latex catsuit wearing Kitsumi are back in action to serve their brand of justice to abusive males through force feminization in a hot collection of all their current stories:

Mask of the Jaguar
The City Jaguar: The City of Fire and Rage
The Jaguar: The Birth of a Predator
 and The Jaguar's Halloween Short Story

The Jaguar is written by Kylie Gable & Claudia Acosta.
For those new to the series, Sheila Wentworth is a sucessfull businesswoman by day, but by night she is The Jaguar a black dress femme fatale vigilante that uses makeovers and feminization to punish corrupt, abusive, and cruel men who prey on the vulnerable. She is assisted by her partner, Kitsumi a Japanese American dressed in a sexy white skin-tight latex catsuit with a specialty in martial arts and Japanese rope bondage!

I worked with Kylie on the illustrations in the Jaguar books and can vouch that they are sexy and erotic as each story features sexy feminine makeovers with humiliating experiences for the deserving male!

All of the stories are individually $2.99, but Kylie is giving the collection for only $4.99! which is a bargain.
Kitsumi gluing fake breast to one of their male captives. 

The Jaguar is an expert in stripping and hogtying guys!

The Jaguar Stalks her Prey

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I recently found this trailer movie on youtube, for some of us it is a utopia! Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

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Priscilla's Feminization Art Picks

Feminization Literature Mistress Priscilla Gay Bouffant wanted to share some of her favorite illustrations that she finds inspirational. Thought you readers wanted to see as well!

Monday, April 30, 2018

The Intern exclusive first to the blog!

Priscilla has been generous and kind enough to release a brand new erotic sissifacation story exclusive first to this blog! The Intern is now up!

Originally a Sandy Brown story, now Priscilla has continued it and added her own twist, but respecting the format of the original author.

     “There now, you entryway should be sufficiently lubed. Now I’ll affix my dildo and lubricate it. One can’t be too careful in these matters. Now you stay just the way you are, little girl. Now Auntie is mounting you,” explained Monique.

     “Breathe normally. Auntie will enter and then penetrate you as you exhale. Once we get a rhythm established I’ll reach underneath you and manipulate your fat little clit. There we are darling, now exhale,” said Monique as she moved the dildo in and out of Sandra’s anus, penetrating a little further each time.


The Intern  

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Pick of the Week: Paralyzed - A Short Story

This week's Pick of the Week comes from a new author named Maryanne Peters on FictioMania. Her short story is a unique take on the Feminization genre, with the perspective coming from Mr. Rixon a man completley paralyzed unable to move or talk, but can still hear, think and breath.

While in the hospital, Rixon is visited by his former partner Dr Mark Jermyn. it is hinted that they worked as Neuro-Chemical Engineers, but something happened that soured that professional relationship. It got so bitter between the two that the younger Dr. Jermyn took Rixon's young male son and turned him into a cute young lady! Unable to move or protest over the feminization of his son through chemicals and brainwashing, Rixon lays helpless as Jermyn describes how he enjoys taking his "daughter" to an orgasm each night!


 "But against that I had lost all hope for the future of my family and my
company.  My only child, the son who would carry my name and could have
taken over my company was now no more.  I knew that already because in her
excitement "she" could not spare me the details.  He had already
surrendered his testicles months ago, and "that little procedure" was the
final operation.  The operation that had been planned by Jermyn.  It was
he who had engineered the brainwashing of my son, the end of my line and
my current fate, paralyzed and unable to move or communicate."

A short unique take on the genre with a somewhat warm comforting ending.

Great story Maryanne!

Paralyzed -A Short Story 

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Prison Princess Illustration

An illustration of a new young inmate at a state prison. He accepts protection from the other violent inmates by a bigger prison boss if he accepts into being his "Princess." I think they will have pleasant nights together, probably not much sleep though...

Shared by Twisted Sissy on her Google profile G+. 

Source: From Twisted Sissy's G+ roll