Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Preview of Valerie Whip's upcoming Perils of Paul: The Indentured Catering Job

Happy Valentine's Day my beautiful wonderful readers!
As many of you know work on my forced feminization blog has come slow due to work getting in the way. I have to apologize to all my writer friends and followers of this blog. A special apology to my partner Valerie Whip who has crafted another kinky erotic chapter in the Perils of Paul series, a story which can only come from an imaginative kinky mind of Valerie.
I'm trying to release Book 5 of Perils of Paul this month on Amazon, in this new chapter Paul is working as a waiter and is in need of additional cash. He finds a one night job working for a powerful woman with a raunchy theme dinner party. Along with a new female friend (who is in equal need of cash), both have job experience that neither will forget!  

Sample from Perils of Paul: THE INDENTURED CATERING JOB

The guy said just do it we don’t have a lot of time and get up on the rolling table. Lie on your back and Diane will tell you what to do. He turned to Sally and told her to use the stool and get up on the other rolling table, but to simply kneel, sitting on her feet. Diane secured my arms to the sides and my feet to the end of the table. She began placing pickles, sliced meats, and different kinds of cheese all over my legs telling me to lie perfectly still. She piled all kinds of crackers alongside my waist on both sides. She started at my nipples and worked her way down to my belly button placing all kinds of vegetables such as celery stalks and carrots on my skin. She brought two narrow glass dishes from the fridge containing what looked like ranch and blue cheese dressing. “Now hold still while I arrange the last things.” She said as she reached inside my thong and pulled my dick up so its head was exposed just above the top of the thong. She placed the two dressings on either side of my member. She stepped back to admire her work adding a couple of fresh flowers here and there for artistic flare.

Meanwhile Derek told Sally to lean over with her arms at her side. He quickly tied her wrists to her ankles and secured her shoulders to the front edge of the cart. He then placed similar appetizers all over her body. He placed two bowls of dressing between her feet right below her scantily clad pussy. He placed a large carrot that he had carved into a fine looking penis along her ass crack and into the waist band of her thong so just the head of it was exposed. Last but not least he forced a medium size apple into /sally’s mouth so she could not talk or scream or anything.

Diane and Derek wheeled the two carts out of the kitchen and into the large room for the guests to enjoy the food and the spectacle. The women came over to me and began picking the food from  my skin in effect stripping me of covering. It wasn’t long before they realized that my penis was sticking out of my thong and began purposely dripping dressing on it and giggling. Eventually one of the women pulled the elastic thong down and let it slip under my scrotum. Now I was totally exposed and they began coating my whole penis and balls in dressing. Another woman exclaimed that all the ranch dressing was gone and reached over and began licking my genitals of the ranch dressing. Soon others joined in cleaning my penis of the dressing. I was becoming engorged and presented a fine looking erect penis for them to admire....

Meanwhile Sally, still unable to object, was enduring the men’s attention.

Don't forget about the other Paul books on Amazon!

Friday, January 26, 2018

Carrie P & Priscilla story "Intermission" is now up!

In case you didn't know, or needed a little reminder....

the collaboration (first time ever on the blog!) between authors Carrie P and Priscilla is now available here on the feminization blog for your personal pleasure, Intermission.  

Sample from Intermission:

“Are you admiring the adorable picture of femininity you have become, Babette darling? It’s difficult to take your eyes off that lovely bosom of yours, isn’t it dearie? With such a slim waist and voluptuous hips, I’ll bet you’d get some catcalls and whistles if I paraded you downtown on the promenade, through the city, wouldn’t you?” Camille Deadlock sneered.

“Look at me you simpering sissy-girl. I cannot wait to see you, kneeling, kissing my daughter’s high heels, begging her pardon. Possibly for your penance, you could polish her riding boots? Maybe you could then give her a foot bath and pedicure, while she chats with some girlfriends? Wouldn’t that be a courtly act on your part? Not exactly normal manly pursuits, are those?” Camille sneered.

Intermission story

By the way, Carrie P (One of Priscilla's favorite authors) has a blog of her own writings.  The image below says it all.... Enjoy

Link to Carrie P's Blog

Carrie P and Priscilla's Intermission Cover for Kylie Gable's Erotic Essentials

I love how the feminization community seems to know each other or know of each other. I recently found out that Priscilla admires and is a fan of another author named Carrie P. Priscilla is a huge fan of her stories, I'm ashamed I know very little of Carrie. But recently Priscilla completed a story titled Intermission, based on an existing story by Carrie.

I guess we will find out together about Carrie, because Intermission is now available on this blog.

One fan of Priscilla (like myself) happens to be the prolific author of feminization erotica, Kylie Gable, she asked me for a cover she needed for her Erotic Essentials story coming up this February

It will feature Kylie's early stories. The cover (left) is a blend of some of those stories featured in the upcoming book.

Link to:

Carrie P and Priscilla's Intermission

A Concubine for Doctor Rochelle now up!

Sorry for my absence everyone, my day job recently cut some temporary workers and now the work load is now on my shoulders as a manager. More stress and more fatigue.

Sorry Priscilla and fans of  her, A Concubine for Doctor Rochelle is now up! It is a brand new original story to the blog!

Sample from A Concubine for Doctor Rochelle:

The young lad agreed readily and signed all the documents. He was all too late in realizing Lady Berkline’s devious strategy. The institute where she had registered him, was run by a society that steadfastly adhered to an exacting credence. That wayward males, needed strict, authoritarian and thorough feminization, before they could be totally redeemed.

The well trained, gynecologist, was an expert where sissies and other forms of transformed males were concerned. She slowly inserted the extended end of the vibrator into the anus of the mewling, but compliant Lizette. The batteries were turned on, and soon, Lizette’s rectum was receiving an unusual, but not unpleasant massage.

Story Link:
A Concubine for Doctor Rochelle

Monday, January 22, 2018

Two of Priscilla's erotic stories are now up!

For the first time stories, Aunt Margo Knows Best and Mincing Maid, Miss Mandee are now available on this blog for your personal pleasure.

From Aunt Margo Knows Best:

Ten minutes later I was huddled on the couch, a sobbing wreck! Margo had spanked my butt raw! Phyllis held me as Margo stood off to the side saying, "I had no idea he was such a sissy, pantywaist. Goodness! I barely hit him. Much softer then I hit you dear," she said as Phyllis rubbed my head.

Below is an illustration I have in the works for The Subjegated Step Sissy...stay tuned.

Vows of Servitude Part 2 now up!!

Almost 10 years ago I stumbled upon a forced feminization story site, there I read 2 stories that reflecting now, I realize changed my life. One was Adventure at the Mall (now illustrated on this blog) the other was Prisiclla's story The Subjegated Step Sissy. I could not believe what I was reading the first time I read it, I was literally shaking (I'm dead serious) when the erotic moments arrived. I thought it was the most erotic taboo thing I have ever read.

In a way Priscilla is 50% (maybe more) responsible for this blog existing, she helped open the door to this wonderful and erotic genre to me.

Starting the Week of Priscilla, I have the conclusion to Vows of Servitude now added. will it end for Claudia at the hands of Mummy?

Vows of Servitude part 2  

But I will be adding more Priscilla content as the days go by this week. I will announce them here, so be on the look out.

Also Priscilla has allowed me to share her email contact:

Contact Priscilla:


Annabelle B.

Friday, January 19, 2018

Week of Prisiclla Gay Bouffant coming Monday!

Hello Readers and Fans of Feminization Literature,

I'm excited to announce a plethora of news, starting next week I will be flooding the blog with Priscilla Gay Bouffant's stories, some already known, others new to the blog and a few new never before published elsewhere by the Mistress of Feminization Literature. In celebration of this I will also include new art for her stories: Subjegated Step Sissy, Sorority Sissy and Makeover at the Mansion.

I will also welcome and include Priscilla to the Erotica Author's Corner. Below is a sample of the interview along with a new illustration I am working on for her Sorority Sissy story!  

Feminized Nikki being impaled  by Annabelle's thicker cock as they make sissy love. 
Tell me about forced feminization. The forced feminization genre has a complex fan base, It is a genre where readers are taken into a situation where a male is coerced/forced/manipulated into wearing female clothing and being put into a traditional submissive role of female by strong and smart females. What is the appeal of it to readers?Did you struggle at first understanding this for your own life? Do you find contradictions with the genre?

Priscilla: I know why it appeals to me. It makes it a lot easier for me to be dressed up, if I'm forced or coerced. I agree, there is a contradiction when in actuality, no one would have to actually force me. I just like having my "Girls" told what to wear, how their hair is going to be done, etc. For me, when I first fantasized about cross-dressing, I of course wondered, "Am I a homosexual?" 

So, if I'm forced, then it's okay. Lately, more and more, I put my girls in situations where they are with men, and are forced to have sex with these men. The sissy genre, where the "girl" is made to be androgynous, is also a lot of fun. They are embarrassed and ask to be made more girlish and pretty.