Monday, April 16, 2018

New Joe X Stories and Karen Jensen stories plus with more!

Hello Great readers of the this blog,

I have a ton of news and content to share on this blog this week! Priscilla will be sharing a new story and new stories of her will be added to the blog.

Kylie Gable has a new news letter out with news of her female feminizing vigilantes The Jaguar and Katsumi. Kylie is releasing a collection of The Jaguar in a collection. Gable is also sharing the first half of brand new story on the newsletter.
Link Below for more info:

Kylie Gable's Newsletter Volume 44

Also Rikki just released a new chapter in her classic Martin Hastings Saga, it gets juicy with the return of a classic character and a shocking outcome!
Link below:

Rikki's A Lady No More Ch. 16 

Joe X is sharing a hot new erotic mystery short story, We All Do It. The story is of a young woman who finds explicit nude pictures of herself floating the net, the mystery is she does not remember ever taking them! The story contains spanking, nudity, handcuffs, femdom on women and just loads of erotic moments. 


My first thought was that some prankster in the office, probably that fat bloke Tim, had photoshopped my face on to some bodies from a nudie website, but then I looked closer. It looked like me. It definitely looked like me. There was the silly butterfly tattoo on my left bum cheek I'd had done as a teenager (well I said I'd done some crazy things) and there was the little mole on my left boob. Could somebody have painted those on a model? That would be it. Make up a model to match my naked body and photoshop my head. Not many people had seen me naked, not many people would know about those tell-tale features. Though when I totalled them up: ex-boyfriends, girls in the gym, flatmates in my college days (we hadn't been that inhibited in our flat), some people at work, it probably came to quite a few. And one of them was playing this prank on me, and had gone to some trouble to do it.

Link to story:

We All Do It

I'm thinking of starting an non feminization section on the blog that contains erotic relunctance themes like Joe's. The story along with new work will be featured here on the blog in the coming days. Let me know what you fans think.

Now last, but not least...Karen Jensen wrapped up her Another Sissy Husband trilogy. I will be formatting the story on the blog, but that will be released tomorrow for Karen's is sooo delicious!

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Pick of the Week: Paralyzed - A Short Story

This week's Pick of the Week comes from a new author named Maryanne Peters on FictioMania. Her short story is a unique take on the Feminization genre, with the perspective coming from Mr. Rixon a man completley paralyzed unable to move or talk, but can still hear, think and breath.

While in the hospital, Rixon is visited by his former partner Dr Mark Jermyn. it is hinted that they worked as Neuro-Chemical Engineers, but something happened that soured that professional relationship. It got so bitter between the two that the younger Dr. Jermyn took Rixon's young male son and turned him into a cute young lady! Unable to move or protest over the feminization of his son through chemicals and brainwashing, Rixon lays helpless as Jermyn describes how he enjoys taking his "daughter" to an orgasm each night!


 "But against that I had lost all hope for the future of my family and my
company.  My only child, the son who would carry my name and could have
taken over my company was now no more.  I knew that already because in her
excitement "she" could not spare me the details.  He had already
surrendered his testicles months ago, and "that little procedure" was the
final operation.  The operation that had been planned by Jermyn.  It was
he who had engineered the brainwashing of my son, the end of my line and
my current fate, paralyzed and unable to move or communicate."

A short unique take on the genre with a somewhat warm comforting ending.

Great story Maryanne!

Paralyzed -A Short Story 

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Prison Princess Illustration

An illustration of a new young inmate at a state prison. He accepts protection from the other violent inmates by a bigger prison boss if he accepts into being his "Princess." I think they will have pleasant nights together, probably not much sleep though...

Shared by Twisted Sissy on her Google profile G+. 

Source: From Twisted Sissy's G+ roll

Monday, April 2, 2018

Priscilla now added to the Erotica Author’s Corner!

The long awaited interview with Priscilla Gay Bouffant is now up!


Annabelle B: Tell me about forced feminization. The forced feminization genre has a complex fan base, It is a genre where readers are taken into a situation where a male is coerced/forced/manipulated into wearing female clothing and being put into a traditional submissive role of female by strong and smart females. What is the appeal of it to readers?Did you struggle at first understanding this for your own life? Do you find contradictions with the genre?

Priscilla: I know why it appeals to me. It makes it a lot easier for me to be dressed up, if I'm forced or coerced. I agree, there is a contradiction when in actuality, no one would have to actually force me. I just like having my "Girls" told what to wear, how their hair is going to be done, etc. For me, when I first fantasized about cross-dressing, I of course wondered, "Am I a homosexual?" 


Sunday, April 1, 2018

Happy Easter Ladies!

Martin in his Easter dress feeling something up his bum.
Happy Easter readers!

Hope you all have a great and safe Easter!

A couple of years ago Rikki wrote an annual Easter Special for her awesome cult favorite The Martin Hastings Saga. In it Martin (the feminized male) experiences a very humiliating Easter as he is prepped by the Handmaidens (ladies specializing in force feminizing males for the wealthy), Leanne and Lisa.

Martin is turned into a fetish like doll with a certain something up his bum....

Great annual story by an incredible writer!

Link to Rikki's blog

Rikki's Martin's Easter Story

Saturday, March 31, 2018

New cover for Kylie Gable's Feminization Folio Volume 2!

Earlier this month Kylie approached me to design a new cover for her feminization collection. It took me a while to get it finished due to my jobs, but got it done. The image below, A feminized guy on his knees at a another made up guy's crotch....hmm what will happen at the mercy of the girls?
The Jaguar (left) and her partner Katsumi (far right) tying up a guy.
 The second book cover for Gable's feminization collection. There are many stories in this collection I loved, so I added a little bit of my favorite outfits in the cover (panties, lingerie, the Jaguar butt plug). Stories in the book: 

1. Reprogrammed
2. Doubling Down (*One of the best captured scenes from Kylie)
3. The Mask of the Jaguar (*The female vigilante feminizer!)
4. Halloween Humiliation
5. Hoops
6. The Operator
7. Giftwrapped (*Loved how a guy gets girftwrapped)
8. It's Nothing Personal: Breaking the Billionaire (*Its just good)
9. Mean Girls and Mermaids (*Just read it, you will love it!)
10. Friendly Seduction


Feminization Folio Volume 2

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Pick of the Week: A Bet is a Bet

Throne is an author I have followed for a little while on Fictionmania. I have covered his work before on this blog, but last week he shared his best story to date!

A Bet is a Bet, is a story about a sucessfull young man  named Barry with his friend Darren who knows about his fanboy obsession for a famous action star. When Darren shows up with his idol's jacket from a favorite film, Darren proposes a bet, spend an evening at Darren's favorite cross dressing club and get a feminization makeover, then Barry can have the actor's jacket.

Barry agrees and enters into a club and then is transformed into "Berry," but soon things spiral out of his control as he falls into the hands of an unknowns crossdressers, shemales and kinksters!

The buildup to the end is erotic with lead up with spanking involved towards a creative use with a clear glass box. The dialogue is well written and is palpable.

Well done Throne!

A Bet is a Bet